Branle 2.0

21 May 2014

The blog is back… it’s very far from perfection but it’s something.
The Archive (ARCHIVIO BLOG) is pointing at the old blog but I hope to fix it soon.

I used an old backup and I didn’t check if all the links are functional but I will work on that too.

Problem is this is a very busy period for me so I cannot spend all the time the situation needs over my blog… be patient.

The address of the new blog is:


Spread the word!


Bad News

12 May 2014

Branle de Champaigne was deleted by Blogger today and my account was suspended. I’m quite depressed at the moment ’cause I didn’t expected this. I hoped that 192Kbps was an insurance against DMCAs but it seems that some people is willing to charge you even if you are whistling a tune to your canary.

I’ll keep you informed.

Update may 19, 2014.

I’d like to thank you all for your support, advices, suggestions and appreciation, and this had to come before everything else.
I managed to get all my pages back from Google cache (funny isn’t it? google deleted my blog but gave me the tools to have it back!) I will be online again very soon… it could be even today but I’m trying to contact Google to ask them the favour to allow me to retrieve the comments to my posts. I think that I should be as “clean” as possible until an aswer will come. The URL of the new blog will be very similar to the old one. I’ll let you know very soon.


21 October 2012

I guess the importing from blogger is not working very well.
I’ll try that after I’ve learned something more.

Why don’t you go to the main blog until I’m ready?

L’Europe Réunie

21 October 2012

21 tracks – MP3 192 Kbps – RAR 128Mb



Telemann: Wasser-Ouvertüre – Hamburger Ebb und Fluth, TWV 55:C3
Vivaldi: Concerto for 2 violins, 2 recorders, 2 oboes, bassoon & strings, RV 566
J.S.Bach: Concerto for harpsichord, 2 recorders, 2 violins, viola & b.c., BWV 1057
Van Wassenaer: Concerto armonico No. 5
Rebel: Fantaisie

Collegium Musicum Den Haag
dir. Claudio Ribeiro

Claudio Monteverdi e Sigismondo D’India – Olympia’s Lament

20 October 2012
11 tracks – MP3 192 Kbps – RAR file 65Mb


Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
1. Quel sguardo sdegnosetto
2. Ohime ch’io cado
3. Lamento d’Olimpia
4. Voglio di vita uscir
5. Maladetto sia l’aspetto

Sigismondo d’India (1580?-1629)
6. Diana (Questo dardo, quest’arco)
7. Amico, hai vint’io
8. Piangono al pianger mio
9. Lamento d’Olimpia
10. Torna il sereno zefiro
11. Sfere fermate

Emma Kirkby – Soprano
Anthony Rooley – Chitarrone

Giovanni e Andrea Gabrieli, Giuseppe Guami – Canzoni da Sonare

19 October 2012
17 Tracks – MP3 192 Kbps – RAR file 80Mb


1. Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon 1. toni à 10 (1597; tutti, harpsichord)
2. Giuseppe Guami: Canzon La Cromatica à 4 (1601; 4 viols)
3. G. Gabrieli: Canzon I La Spiritata à 4 (1608; 2 cornets, 2 sackbuts, organ)
4. Andrea Gabrieli: Canzon sopra Qui la dira (harpsichord)
5. G. Gabrieli: Canzon III à 6 (1615; 6 viols, lute)
6. Guami: Canzon XXIV à 8 (1608; 4 viols, lute, 2 cornets, 2 sackbuts, harpsichord, violone)
7. G. Gabrieli: Canzon I à 5 (1615; 2 cornets, 3 sackbuts)
8. Guami: Canzon sopra La Battaglia à 4 (1601; 4 viols, guitar)
9. G. Gabrieli: Canzon 12. toni à 10 (1597; tutti, harpsichord)
10. G. Gabrieli: Canzon II à 4 (1608; 4 viols, organ)
11. Guami: Canzon La Guamina à 4 (1601; 2 cornets, 2 sackbuts, organ)
12. G. Gabrieli: Canzon VII à 7 (1615; 2 cornets, 3 viols, 2 sackbuts, violone, harpsichord)
13. Guami: Canzon La Accorta à 4 (1601; cornet, 3 viols, organ)
14. G. Gabrieli: Canzon XXVII à 8 (1608; 2 cornets, 4 viols, 2 sackbuts, violone, harpsichord)
15. G. Gabrieli: Ricerxar sopra Re fa mi don à 4 (4 viols)
16. Guami: Canzon XXV à 8 (1608; 2 cornets, 2 sackbuts, harpsichord, 4 viols, lute, violone)
17. G. Gabrieli: Canzon 12. toni à 10 (1597; tutti, harpsichord)

Hespèrion XX [Jordi Savall (treble viola da gamba), Christophe Coin (treble viola da gamba, alto viola da gamba), Sergi Casademunt (bass viola da gamba), Masako Hirao (tenor viola da gamba), Roberto Gini (bass viola da gamba), Pere Ross (bass viola da gamba, violone), Bruce Dickey (cornett), Jean-Pierre Canihac (cornett), Jean-Pierre Mathieu (alto trombone, tenor trombone), Charles Toet (tenor trombone), Richard Lister (bass trombone), Hopkinson Smith (lute, guitar, theorbo), Ton Koopman (harpsichord, organ)]
Jordi Savall, dir.

J.S.Bach – Sacred Masterpieces

18 October 2012

Music from the Time of Christian IV

17 October 2012

Fricassee Parisienne – Chansons de la Renaissance Francaise

16 October 2012

Campra – Gli Strali d’Amore

15 October 2012

J.H.Schein – Banchetto Musicale

14 October 2012

Anthoine de Bernard – Amours de Ronsard

13 October 2012

La Diva – Arias for Cuzzoni

12 October 2012

Maddalena Laura Lombardini Sirmen – 6 Violin Concertos Op.III

11 October 2012

Clement Janequin – Le Chant des Oyseaulx

11 October 2012

Francesco Cavalli – Eliogabalo

10 October 2012

Antoine Brumel – Missa – Sequentia

9 October 2012

Vivaldi – L’Oracolo in Messenia

8 October 2012

Musique de la Grèce Antique

8 October 2012

Leonardo Vinci – Artaserse

7 October 2012